The symbolic flower meaning of G-Dragon – Daisies

PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1

Let’s find out: The symbolic flower meaning of G-Dragon – Daisies

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PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1

Big Bang’s everlasting flower – G-dragon – Daisies.

Perhaps, we are now “tumultuous” because of the images “Lung Thi Linh” of the hottest collaboration to date between PMO (Peaceminusone) – G-Dragon and Nike with Airforce 1 sneakers of all time. Today I would like to talk about the flower that appeared on all media channels and is also the favorite symbol of G-Dragon or PMO – Daisies (Chrysanthemum).

Needless to say, Pictures of G-Dragon’s favorite flowers – Daisies daisies appeared on G-Dragon’s Instagram. From flower fields, G-Dragon’s selfies with Chrysanthemums, to chrysanthemums appearing on his favorite Vans oldskool custom shoes, and so on and clouds. G-Dragon’s love for chrysanthemums is as much as the way he put its image in PMO and will “definitely” appear more in PMO’s mainline and collaborations in the near future.

So – why the Chrysanthemum?

Like KaiKai Kiki Flower of Murakami – a flower “Crazy but elegant” and in my opinion, I feel quite similar to Sunflower. Then Chrysanthemum is a flower of many different types, symbolizing purity, a symbol of Hippies and the love of peace.

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The meaning of the Chrysanthemum is also very different – The chrysanthemum is a symbol of peace, longevity, wealth, nobility and nobility. In Vietnam, Chrysanthemum is often associated with filial piety and love from the family.

Even the Chrysanthemum itself – in the Chrysanthemum branch there are more than 30,000 confirmed species – testifies to its indomitable, a flower that looks innocent but can grow anywhere and last for a long time.

PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1

How is G-Dragon like Chrysanthemum?

Dragon brother often chooses the version of White Chrysanthemum – a version representing innocence, loyalty and purity.

But besides that – also many other chrysanthemums, other colors. It’s like G-Dragon. It’s purple, yellow, blue – it’s as colorful as G-Dragon’s fashion and Bigbang’s leader music – in its own way and beautiful in its own way.

In addition, the chrysanthemum is also a symbol of fidelity and eternal love. Reminds me of G-Dragon’s love of music, fashion, and family. Besides, there are also members of Big Bang – 5 members who have gone through the turbulence of their careers and every time they have an accident, everyone consoled and embraced each other. Like a daisy garden of the same beautiful color.

GD’s love for VIPs according to his perception is “Pure Love” is like Chrysanthemum. The music GD brings, the way he communicates with the VIPs and the way the VIPs have treated him since the scandal, enlistment and demobilization can see the intensity and loyalty between an artist and such a powerful fandom. Come on. Yes, it is like a wild chrysanthemum, beautiful and intense.

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In conclusion

G-Dragon can be said to be like a wild daisies flower, everywhere one can live, be able to survive and become the most beautiful. Having been kicked mercilessly when he was involved in a cannabis scandal, and during his enlistment, a series of things happened with YG, with Bigbang – he remained silent to just leave the army and did exactly what Hoa Cuc did – rise and become more beautiful.

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