Top 10 shoes with the greatest value in Q1 2017

The sneaker craze has never ceased, and it is unlikely that it also affects the economy a little. According to the US financial report, the amount of money for “dead stock” shoes is up to 1 billion USD, a huge amount for the exchange and purchase of rare shoes.

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To verify the aforementioned, StockXmarket-tracking company and shoe retailer, have teamed up, and illustrated by Dan Freebairn which gives readers as well as shoelaces that can further the resell value of the most expensive shoes in Q1 2017 (from 1 Jan to 31 Mar) with stock StockX data as well as the market price of “dead stock” shoes on eBay.

The surprise called XXXI “gold”

If you followed it up around 2017, you might also think KAWS x Air Jordan IV, VLONE x Air Force 1 and “Zebra: YEEZY Boost 350 v2 will “destroy” the top 5 of the most valuable shoes, but the reality is something different when the pair Air Jordan XXXI “Gold” Since the All-Star week in New Orlens state, the US has monopolized the first place, making a most surprising and surprising of the “hyped” pairs from the beginning of the year.

Actually so far, the “limited” of Air Jordan XXXI “Gold” Very high, coupled with the exclusive release of the shoe on the pop-up store in New Orlens, maxed out the price of the shoe to around $ 3,605 a pair.

The “Zebra” fever

The result is not surprising with the amount of money the boots spent to hold the “Zebra” 350 V2, the “limited” maximum with the number of shoes only counting in the thousands, this collab must be recognized. between adidas & Kanye West is really worthwhile and has a very “value for money” color scheme, the community’s hunt is constantly making the price of the shoes high.

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Do not in next position is also coming from the product of adidas x Kanye adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 black / red But also more surprising when the amount of money spent on Ultra Boost with Oreo and Trpile Black color scheme is larger than the version cooperated with Social Status and Sneakersnstuff.

Looking at the top 10 of the total money paid for the most paid shoes, 6/10 belongs to adidas, only 4/10 belongs to Nike, showing that adidas is one step ahead of Nike in the shoe market, as well as in ” hot ”created by adidas in Q1 2017 predicts a lot of changes in the sneaker market one year to come.

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Source: Top 10 shoes with the greatest value in Q1 2017

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