ih nom uh nit

Let’s find out: What is ih nom uh nit and Meaning in English

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What is ih nom uh nit?

The fashion world has never slowed down in each stage of human development.

Besides innovation in style that longstanding brands like Gucci good Balenciaga trying to show, somewhere, there are still new names appearing with bold steps in their designs.

Outstanding among them is sure to mention iH look uh nit, a relatively young brand with nearly 3 years of age, however, the imprint that this high-end brand leaves behind must make us unable to ignore it.

ih nom uh nit
ih nom uh nit

Ih nom uh nit, a brand operating between France and Italy has quickly become a name that represents a new way of life. Under the patronage of Chaz A. Jordan – The Creative Director is imaginative and the driving force behind the brand – iH nom uh nit has become famous for pioneering in modernizing the “quality” that is luxurious, European but not clown takes away the streetwear soul in each collection.

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Chaz A Jordan
bAs a luxury lifestyle brand, ih nom uh nit was established in 2015 in Paris and Los Angeles to bring a new wind in the fashion industry in general and streetwear in particular. Why is the term “streetwear” applied to this brand? Because their style is similar to their customer segment Off-White, a great name in the streetwear industry and the cost of ownership for each item is quite high compared to the general level of this market. Despite the high price, but the value and quality of each product, each design is completely worth it.


What is ih nom uh nit meaning in English?

For Chaz Jordan, the name ih nom uh nit means “no name”. The name was chosen as a result of their creative team failing to find a name that matches the brand’s aesthetic and can represent their creative work. Zenegra http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/zenegra/

ih nom uh nit wiki – design and designer

Referring to iH nom uh nit, people often refer to luxury ultra high-end furniture, jewelry, unisex fragrances and pre-era designs from the ready to wear collections of surname. Not following trends, the brand’s design language is quite fussy, but they do not feel heavy or uncomfortable for the opposite person, and that gives them a certain fan base. .

ih nom uh nit design and designer
ih nom uh nit design and designer

In terms of design, iH’s products are largely inspired by elements that master artists applied to their artworks during the Renaissance in the first half of the 16th century in the West. Europe. Normally, the works of that time always focused on and focused on heroism with the humanistic contents hidden under each polished stroke.

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In addition, the brand also cleverly combines luxury and streetwear with graphic themes that we can hardly think of, for example, t-shirts and hoodie with the figure of Eleven from the movie Stranger Things. famous or Netflix movie Narcos. In addition, the sophistication of the collection all comes from the neutralization of the accessories encrusted on the product with the rather heavy materials. Products from each collection include Exotic fur coats, stylish joggers to comfortable t-shirts. And the most impressive is definitely a pearl-encrusted biker jacket or jeans that have been torn aesthetically.


Head of the design team Will.I.Am And now I am spending my time with ih nom uh nit, ideas and design language of Chaz Jordan are always present in high fashion products. From luxurious designs with pearls, to comfortable sportswear, it all creates a universal aesthetic for the brand. Ih nom uh nit quickly fell in love with fashion lovers, and even fascinated big names like rappers Future good Karim Benzema – striker of Real Madrid.

ih nom uh nit
ih nom uh nit

In order to bring quality products to the fans, the brand’s creative team is constantly flown back and forth from country to country to reach different cultures and bring in premium materials. most for the production stage. And so, the price for each product is higher than the current common ground, for example the shirt Future print T-shirt with prices up to $ 280 USD.

Future Ih Nom Uh Nit Jimi Hendrix hoodie Saint Laurent sneakers 640x640 1
Future Ih Nom Uh Nit Jimi Hendrix hoodie Saint Laurent sneakers 

As the luxury streetwear industry becomes more and more developed and popular, the brand’s unique collections seem to be becoming a guideline for individuals who want to express themselves, have passion for The products are made from the finest and most luxurious materials from fashion powers. For iH nom uh nit, the small details are an indispensable piece for a perfect whole, and the position of each part must be carefully selected to create a a perfect balance between minimal and avant-garde, forming a distinctive modern element that is at the core of this young brand.

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Future Ih Nom Uh Nit Collab HNDRXX album hoodie Balmain jeans Tom Ford belt Reebok sneakers 4
Future Ih Nom Uh Nit Collab HNDRXX album hoodie Balmain jeans Tom Ford belt Reebok sneakers 4

Young people also gradually know this brand from France. With unique and quality prints on simple clothes, ih nom uh nit is gradually receiving more love. And one day not far, this brand will gradually like the Off-White or Fear Of God, become an icon in the fashion and streetwear industry.

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