Where will the Off-White x Nike hype go?

No one can deny or ignore the level of “destructive” that the cooperation between Nike and Off-White have been and will likely remain for at least the next few years. Remember, when the collection “THE TEN” Launched in 2017, it has rocked the shoe-loving community in a way that has never been seen before.


This year, Virgil Abloh and Off-White continue to work with Nike to release new color schemes for the collection that might be called “THE TEN 2”. Even from the beginning of the year until now, a lot of information and leaked images of many new color schemes have been posted, and even the number has exceeded 10. Then the question is: the “redundancy” Winning ‚Äúlaunching new color schemes continuously will damage this partnership in the long run?

Let’s go back to a time when the Nike x Off-White partnership started a little bit. Before that, Off-White had been extremely prominent and had a major influence on the streetwear community for many years. So, when rumors appeared about this combination, the whole community began to stir. And when the star characters like A $ AP Rocky good Frank Ocean wearing Nike x Off White shoes on his feet, the hype was at its peak. Fast-forward to the end of 2017, and we see the whole game: people scrambling, waiting, praying just to get to raffles for a chance to secure space to buy products. in this cult collection.


Fast-forward it’s almost half of 2018, as said, almost 13 pairs (some confirmed, some rumors) announced, and more. So will the constant rollout of new color schemes but of these iterations will make the Nike x Off-White hype saturated and cooled? And what should Virgil do to end this repetitive cycle?

The answer is simple: design and build on other classics in Nike’s shoe library. Nike can be said to have a huge treasure trove of shoe designs from old to new. Thinking, Virgil should not ignore the opportunity to diversify its collection. Imagine the shoes like the Air Max 1 or the Nike Sock Dart are enchanted and decorated in the Off-White style, surely the shoe-loving community will once again “wake up”.


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