ECCO Soft collection detailed review 8

ECCO Soft collection detailed review 8

Think of going to a formal event and all the sneakers you own seem too cool to match. However, you absolutely hate wearing shoes because of the stiffness it gives. What you will do?

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Choosing an “All Black” shoe model? Of course it does, except that it is still not really suitable. You seem powerless, until you see ECCO Soft 8. A pair of sneakers with a sophisticated style, extremely comfortable feeling but equally personal.

Yes, that is the choice you should consider. Today, let’s learn more about these interesting shoes with EACHSHOES.

1. Material

When looking for a shoe for formal occasions or professional style, most of us will go for a leather shoe, and this is the most impressive point on ECCO Soft 8.

Basically, ECCO has always been famous for the high quality leather that this brand brings. Your feet are almost delicately embraced by the softness of leather, something leather shoes don’t usually have.

Indeed, materials are the secret and an absolute scoring factor for ECCO shoes. Gives the shoe a solid feel to the look of but extremely soft and smooth on the foot. In addition, the sense of ventilation is a huge plus of ECCO Soft 8 when it is rare for another all-leather shoe to do this.

2. Design

There are 4 designs in the ECCO Soft 8 collection. While men are favored with a low-necked version, 1 high neck and 1 slip-on, women can only choose the version with straps. fasten and slip-on. However, whatever version it is, the shoes reflect the true “Scandinavian” characteristic of ECCO – minimalism and sophistication.

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Without elaborate motifs, the shoes possess an extremely classic shoe form on monochrome tones like black and white in the spirit of “less is more”. The elegance is subtly brought in, from the smallest details of the shoe, the straight and even lines as well as the regular leathers that are carefully stitched together.

With its sophisticated and simple design, ECCO Soft 8 really does its job well, a shoe for formal events, for the office or for those who want a The outfit is not fussy.

3. Eraser lining and soleplate

Another advantage is that the cleaning liner according to ECCO Comfort Fiber System technology is detachable, hygroscopic and anti-bacterial, helping to keep your feet dry throughout the day. The sole is made of DIP (direct injection) technology that does not use glue or stitches, making the hat and sole of the shoe become a solid, solid, waterproof and durable mass, making the foot more flexibility during travel.

However, a pretty big minus point of Soft 8 is that the egg-shaped pattern under the sole is quite shallow, not deep, and with a slippery substance that makes the wearer easy to lose balance if the terrain is wet or uneven.

4. Fit and comfortable

The light, smooth and sturdy feel of your onfeet first comes to mind.

There’s really nothing to complain about in terms of the comfort level of the shoe. Even with the high-neck version, there is no burning sensation or pain in the legs.

ECCO Soft 8 is designed according to European size, so shoe size will be quite different. You should try shoes directly to choose the right size. However, one suggestion is to go down 1 to 2 sizes for a better feeling. (For example wearing Nike size 43, wearing ECCO Soft 8 size 42 or 41 is appropriate).

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5. Some suggestions for coordination

The ECCO brand once again proves its wise decision to orient the ECCO Soft 8 model towards monochrome.

With an elegant look that comes in two classic colors: white and black, ECCO Soft 8 easily combines with a variety of outfits in many different styles. Become trendy when coordinating with elegant monochrome outfits and elegant tones of a dress or formal in a plain suit. That flexibility has created a foothold for ECCO Soft 8 in the middle of the market

The bustling sneaker school with a series of designs is constantly being released.

6. Summary

For those of you who are crazy fans of minimalistic Scandinavian design, you cannot deny the appeal of ECCO Soft 8 – a collection that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Of course, except for a few bad points on the sole and the not really impressive highlights, the shoes still deserve to appear in your wardrobe.

As a whole, ECCO Soft 8 is the intersection of elegance and comfort that admirers of the elegant way have always sought. Continuing to promote outstanding points on materials, designs catch up with trends, although there are not many bright spots in technology, ECCO Soft 8 has certainly created success for this Danish brand. The price of ECCO Soft 8 for 3 men’s designs ranges from 5,190,000 VND to 5,790,000 VND, while the 2 female versions will be about 4,790,000 VND to 4,990,000 VND.

If you want to experience the comfort that shoes bring, ECCO will always be ready with 20 stores in Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Da Nang and Bien Hoa. You can see specific products and store addresses here:

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