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Full collection of Louis Vuitton’s Pink Monogram

Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Release date2019-10-31 PriceFrom 700 USD Place of saleLouis Vuitton The current situation of admin is still “flying” with the sneakers of the Fall color, all colors are bold and impressive. Unexpectedly, it was pulled to the ground by fashion firms too quickly with upcoming versions for winter. The idea is still […]

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Vans & Nordstrom combined in very cute @ Popin collection

A brand new project called Popin @ Nordstrom is available Vans handshake to produce with retailer from America. This collection is officially launched in online stores and websites today, let’s go Eachshoes Find out what’s outstanding about these releases. Designed by Nordstrom’s Vice President of Creative Projects himself – Olivia Kim so the product set […]

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