Top 10 streetwear fashion brands (Issue 1)

No matter how you choose, the list is EACHSHOES The update below will still be flawed, maybe the brands that you love will not be present here. But try to cover a round, see through the diversity and complexity of brands streetwear throughout history, you will feel it streetwear fashion how large. Especially as it continually evolves and changes its relationships with the different aspects of the fashion industry. With this post, EACHSHOES will provide you with the biggest streetwear brand, having the most profound influence on the fashion industry in general and streetwear fashion in particular.

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Streetwear is increasingly elusive as new brands appear more and more, so what will be the brightest brands? What are the criteria for selection? It is easy, we will base on the common judgment of experts and most importantly, the evaluation of the “gods”, who eat, sleep, live with streetwear.

Sit up straight, take a deep breath. And here will be a list of 10 “powerful” brands in the United States, the largest representative of streetwear in the world.

  1. Supreme


To “open fire” for this list we will have to mention Supreme. There are many brands here that are not mentioned, but it would be a real joke if we didn’t have one Supreme in the list of “top streetwear brands”.

No debate about the influence of Supreme. Too big, too fast and too strong, Supreme ingrained in the “roots” of streetwear fashion. Being passionate about streetwear is not known Supreme, the products of Supreme continuously “burned” all stores around the world, season after season. It makes us crave, scramble for it. Every new idea’s Supreme each time the streetwear community was swaying, directly affecting a large hypebeast. Do not stop there, Supreme our desire to end is intensified as collaboration sneakers are continuously launched, collaborating with “giants” such as Nike, Jordan, Vans, Undercover, Stone Island, … When looking at those designs, you will definitely not be able to “hold back”, but have to “bitterly” pull out your wallet to pay.

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When it has penetrated the “roots” of the fashion industry, the influence of “the box logo” is bigger than ever, and it continues to grow over the years, with no sign hypothermia…. That is not to mention other small brands separated from the “apparatus”. Supreme from its inception (1994) until now. Do you hate it? Do you like it? Is not ! For Supreme It doesn’t matter, you just buy it, and I think you’ll definitely have to buy it, get used to it.

  1. Stussy


While “the supreme” Supreme Reach out to grab streetwear fashion, somewhere out there Shawn Stussy Still using his talent and his strategic vision to change the world.

Since the 1990s, many streetwear brands have “come” and “gone” but Stussy stays, remains one of the top choices for streetwear fashion. Stussy is an “old tree”, a proof that the core values ​​are long lasting with time. Stussy Strict control of its designs and products, always focusing highly on the set goals. In a decade now, the growth of Supreme has gradually eclipsed other streetwear brands, but it isn’t Stussy, it is still a “monument” that all other young streetwear brands must admire, which fashionistas always want to aim for.

And by my vision, Stussy has cooperated with famous retail stores such as Très Bien, Dover Street Market. Once again the “old tree” has regained the “glory” that day. Stussy was a streetwear brand before the streetwear industry came along, and never expect that to change.

  1. KITH


If you are one sneakerhead authentic, you must know for sure Ronnie Fieg and his “mesmerizing” designs. Not just a designer, Ronnie Fieg there is also a desire to build an “empire” for itself, a place where the community of shoe lovers can freely share their passions and can use their own passion to spread to others. And he did it with KITH NYC

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Ronnie Fieg very wary of the way you build KITH. He focuses on cooperation with famous shoe brands such as Asics, NewBalance, Puma, … and use them to expand their own empire, but besides, Ronnie still tries to retain the “identity” of KITH, not letting our “brainchild” deviate like other brands. To commemorate the brand’s founding, SoHo store was repaired and expanded by 3,000 square meters. Following that, stores in Los Angeles and Brooklyn opened in early 2015, showing growth KITH increasingly solid. Ronnie even took it personally KITH to our “gods” in the Japanese market through the campaign “Sakura Project”. In addition to the fashion line bearing its name, KITH also offers product lines from other famous fashion brands such as Helmut Lang, OFF-WHITE, Norse Projects, .. and most recently New York Yankees in order for customers to have a richer and more diverse choice when looking for KITH NYC

Not simply a brand that represents the sneakerhead world. KITH NYC also an aesthetic gout and a separate lifestyle.



The child of the city “angels” Los Angeles is back after years of absence. As well as the two “predecessor” Supreme, Stussystreetwear enthusiasts are sure to know UNDEFEATED.

There is quite a few things that we do not know about this brand since its inception (2002), the influence of UNDEFEATED not too big but enough to creep into the “roots” of the streetwear industry. “Child” that Eddie Cruz dedicated to always focusing on key products, solving streetwear’s daily basics, so UNDEFEATED still maintain its position during the past decade. In recent years, the brand has “risen” with cult collaborations with brands like adidas, Bape, Nike, Neighborhood, Patta, Supreme and many more prominent names of this flourishing industry. You will think UNDEFEATED Inability to adapt to streetwear fashion’s change and harsh rejection, keep that in mind, UNDEFEATED is “unmatched”, is “unbeaten”, it cannot be beaten easily. The proof is that this company has continuously “bombarded” stores around the world with its latest product line “Technical Goods”. This product line is a unique combination of Techwear and Sportwear, a new trend of fashion.

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If you set foot in LA and want to find some streetwear, whoever you are, even if you don’t know anything about UNDEFEATEDYou will also have to “bow down” to the power and spread of “The Five Strikes”

  1. 10.Deep


If there is LA UNDEFEATED then when you come to Brooklyn you must know 10.Deep. Behind this brand is a long story. At the time of Karmaloop, when streetwear fashion has gradually become lost, 10.Deep still live up to its true nature, stick to the “roots” part of streetwear fashion and develop.

With “good looking, good quality, reasonable priced product“, Scott Sasso always want to satisfy our customers, promptly meet the “thirst” of the “streetwear” followers. That doesn’t mean the product’s 10.Deep done sparingly or without care. In fact, for a fair amount of money, we can still buy our products 10.Deep With quality and unique design, not inferior to other streetwear brands. Each collection is different but always has a certain thing in common, 10.Deep always show what is current and what is the trend of streetwear fashion. The sophistication of combining different cultures in your design 10.Deep Always something new, the special point is that the product of this brand always appears the image of the flags of many countries around the world.

With attractive and enchanting collections, 10.Deep increasingly has a place in the hearts of streetwear enthusiasts around the world. And finally, it will still stand and always present in the hearts of the people of Brooklyn, New York

Next in the category of the top 10 American streetwear brands will be the latest collections from these 10 brands. Stay tuned EACHSHOES Every day to be able to update new articles


Source: Top 10 streetwear fashion brands (Issue 1)

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