Cultural History: Why are Sukajan so expensive? (Souvenir Jacket)

What are the Japanese jackets called?

Like other famous fashion designers in the world, souvenir jacket (also known as Sukajan) is one of the hottest apparel types today in Japan, developed through each cultural origin over time and integrated itself into today’s popular culture. The highlight of Souvenir Jacket is a special embroidery style on each design, originally created for American soldiers to take home as souvenirs after the end of the Japanese War, and that’s where the name came from. this type of jacket. Since then, the appearance of Souvenir Jacket has been densely populated in films and fashion catwalks and has been a symbolic representation of the rebellions to this day. With the popularity of both high-fashion and streetwear, Souvenir Jacket is reviving and attracting many of the world’s trends.


What does Sukajan mean?

The origins of Souvenir Jacket or Sukajan come from Japan at the time the soldiers were stationed in the Battle of the Pacific after the end of World War II. After the war, the US military began adopting traditional Japanese hand-stitched designs to sew images onto the backs of their shirts to commemorate their time in Japan. Sukajan’s most popular designs include dragons, cherry blossoms, trees, or nature. For the soldier, they chose local artwork that ranged from traditional map imagery to images of geisha girls.


The coats will often combine two types of rayon and silk and, in some cases, use excess silk from US military parachutes. Different from embroidered designs, Sukajan’s style is identified as being similar to the classic American baseball jacket, often with a bold color and contrasting sleeves. Until now the style was adopted by working-class teenagers, and it became a manifestation of rebellion in postwar Japan.


The 1960s saw the combination of American trends and styles in Japanese society, many young Japanese at a time fascinated with the fashion style of American private students and chose to change with Classic orientation like Oxford style with blue jeans. The rise of the Americana and the resulting cultural exchange is documented in Ametora’s book: “How Japan can save the American style and be enhanced through famous brands like NEIGHBORHOOD, Human Made and WACKO MARIA.



Why are Sukajan so expensive?

When Sukajan were brought back to America and spread across Europe and Asia, they became symbols of counter-attacks, with rock stars like Mick Jagger choosing to wear them while touring with the Rolling Stones. , or be worn by famous stars when walking the street or events. The adoption of Souvenir Jacket-pop culture icons and celebrities in recent years has brought new prevalence and trends in the fashion world.

Mick Jagger


Kanye West leaves the studio wearing a jungle print jacket and extremely ripped black jeans in Los Angeles, CA. West takes a walk with a friend and then appears to be enthralled in cell phone conversation, flashing his grill. Monday, February 22, 2016.
Kanye West

At the end of 2016, the hotness of Sukajan became the focus of attention and was loved by hot trendiez. They are recreated through high-fashion brands as well as streetwear companies. Just last year, everything from Supreme, Stussy to Saint Laurent and Adidas has released different variations of themselves into Sukajan. While many current editions have adapted from traditional silk to nylon, Sukajan’s art works in terms of quality are not to be missed.



As can be seen, the ancient silk pieces are also elaborately embroidered on a part of its creator. It is a great feat for those who own Sukajan, not only a masterpiece in one coat, but also because history has proven the legendary appeal of each Sukajan.

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