Yohji Yamamoto – the adidas and the Japanese warrior’s unyielding spirit

Yohji Yamamoto - the adidas and the Japanese warrior's unyielding spirit

Let’s find out: Yohji Yamamoto – the adidas and the Japanese warrior’s unyielding spirit

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Black always contrasts modesty and arrogance. It also represents laziness and indulgence, but still enough to crave exploration. In the end, however, black represents a very stern statement: “If I don’t bother you, please don’t do the opposite.

That is a saying of a character who has a huge influence in the sneakers community in particular and the fashion industry in general. Try looking at this “old Japanese man”. With a short appearance, not thick shoulders, not long legs, but his human charisma is really amazing and very attractive, sometimes somewhat unpredictable. You will always want to learn about him not in one way or in another, thanks to his magical appeal to his designs. And it is more wonderful to see someone with Asian blood that can make the world fashion industry fall off their hats. Who we are EACHSHOES This is what we are talking about YOHJI YAMAMOTO SENSEI.Yohji-Yamamoto
This talented fashion designer’s journey dates back to 1972 when he founded and named his fashion house: “Y’s”. Released in Paris in 1981, his real success only found himself in 2003. At that time adidas saw the potential of Yohji and started an extremely long project so that the brand “adidas Y-3” began to take magical steps. With “Y” is the first letter of the name Yohji Yamamoto and “3” represents the 3 stripes, logo of adidas, is joined by a sign “-“ shows long-term and sustainable cooperation.

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50,000 branded shoes Y-3 first to burn clean on the market and be the premise for giving Y-3 Strongly penetrating into both sporty and fashion market. The purpose of this project is to eliminate the boundaries and prejudice that then when sports fashion cannot be combined with pure fashion. But adidas and Yohji has been done and proved to be successful when 2013 was the 10th anniversary of its founding. Let’s EACHSHOES We look back at the still-storming versions of Y-3 In general and Yohji in particular!

The first Y-3 Qasa pair released in 2013 with a Black / White color scheme. Reformed designs by Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 Qasa has blown a new breath into the global high-end footwear industry. The shape of the Y-3 Qasa pair quickly became the subject of debate and was called the “Ninja Shoes”. That is the quintessence that talented designers Yohji Yamamoto Brought to you with a Japanese flavor.

The first Y-3 Qasa pair that adidas and Yohji Yamamoto released in 2013

Upper of Y-3 qasa is made of neoprene material (neoprene with high quality textile fiber), making the shoes soft and most comfortable for the user.

3Outsoles of Y-3 Qasa are made of natural rubber, so there will be clear signs of wear with each use. But do not just leave them in the closet, because it’s like a crime when the shoes you wear on your feet to feel the essence. And of course one thing is undeniable that the Y-3 Qasa onfeet is a lot more beautiful than when you just dare to put it in the closet. The more you bring, the more you will feel the soul that Yohji Yamamoto wants to bring in each design line of this version.

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image (1)


There are also other color schemes each year that are also very popular with fashionista over the past 2 years:



QasaOlive 1






Y3-Qasa-racer-closer-look-2-1000x520Y-3 QASA RACER BLACK14


adidas-Y-3-Qasa-High-Low-3Y-3 QASA II LOW PRIME KNIT
DSC_1466_b6245a48-ca88-4202-9292-d2761af5a9a4Y-3 QASA HIGH PRIME KNIT

Y-3 Qasa “Royal”

And here are the latest pictures from Y-3’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection, according to our opinion, the Y-3 Qasa ail – White pair “will be more sought after than ever as a half brother. “Triple Black” was a storm.


In conclusion, the adidas comb’s visibility was huge. Y-3 has really become the indispensable product of individuals who are passionate about sneakers and even convince a lot of people with modern fashion styles today. We still want to talk about him one more time, and of course the article will not stop here, because talking about Yohji Yamamoto is that we tell a story, the story will be continued in many and many ways. years later.


One tip for you is to measure the size of these sneakers, reduce 0.5-1 size.

Example: Nike size 9, wearing Y-3 8 or 8.5 will be very nice onfeet

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