Flight attendants only tips to help you fly ‘smoother’

Flight attendants

Flight attendants

How to check airline information, pack luggage or drink water also affects the quality of your flight.

According to Travel and Leisure, you need to consider many things when boarding a plane, from how to sleep to how to pack your luggage, even how to help you relax for hours. In fact, there are many tricks that can help you, these tips are revealed by flight attendants – the team that spends their careers in the sky.

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There are many ways to make your flight more comfortable.

There are many ways to make your flight more comfortable.

Find out information before boarding

Duygu Eren Tosya – cabin chief for Turkish Airlines – thinks every passenger should learn a little about their plane before take off.

“When traveling by air, consider the type of aircraft you plan to fly, as it can make a difference to the overall flying experience. It also helps you know the different cabin classes so you can choose from. choose a seat that suits you and your pocket,” shared Eren Tosya.

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Research baggage requirements

When looking up aircraft specifications, go through the rules for checked baggage and hand baggage so you don’t accidentally bring too much baggage and overspend at the airport.

You should double-check your airline’s baggage policy each time you fly to make sure you pack appropriately and don’t exceed the size and weight of your checked baggage and carry-on baggage.

Pack with purpose, especially with hand luggage

There are some tips for packing bulkier items in hand luggage.

If you want to bring your own luggage, but are packing bulky clothes, such as coats, try stacking them flat on top of each other at the bottom of the suitcase. For lighter items like t-shirts, try rolling them.

Packing blocks are an easy way to organize your clothes by function and item. Also, you can use those blocks to sort your dirty clothes.

For those pesky charging cables, a small toiletries bag will help, just fold the cords and then use tape to secure them.

Double-check your airline's baggage policy each time you fly to make sure you pack appropriately.

Double-check your airline’s baggage policy each time you fly to make sure you pack appropriately.

Invest in the right luggage

You probably already know how to pack, but you should also make sure you’re investing in the right luggage.

While fashion is important, travelers should look for durable suitcases that make their travel experience easier. Features such as a weight indicator, spinning wheels, and padded handles can enhance your travel experience.

Use luggage with a hard shell, whether you’re checking in or carrying luggage. The hard shell bag retains its shape and helps to compress the clothes, meaning you can pack more without worrying about your luggage swelling up and not fitting in the upper compartment. It’s also a good idea to use luggage with a hard cover to protect whatever is packed and to make cleaning your luggage easier.

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If you plan to bring personal items with your luggage, use trolley bags to make it easier to walk through the airport. Smaller pockets on the outside for things like headphones, charging cables, and books allow you to easily grab those items when you reach your seat.

Stay hydrated during the trip

You’ve booked your tickets, packed the right things, and found the best luggage. But you also need to adjust your body.

Flying at high altitudes can cause dehydration. Therefore, you should start your day by preparing your body before the flight so that you do not feel tired. Even on busy business travel days, you still need to make sure to start your day with a healthy breakfast, and try to avoid sugar and salt to combat dehydration.

During the flight, it is important to make sure to drink water every hour to stay hydrated. It sounds simple, but drinking enough water and preparing your body for the high altitude will make your trip a success, making any flight easier.

During the flight, it is important to make sure to drink water every hour to stay hydrated.

During the flight, it is important to make sure to drink water every hour to stay hydrated.

Skin care

While drinking enough water will help keep your skin hydrated, don’t forget to use some products.

Skin can become dry when traveling by plane due to being in high altitude and high pressure for long periods of time. You should carry a travel-sized moisturizer and apply it every 1-2 hours.

Another way to keep your skin moisturized for a long time and to do before you doze off is to apply lotion on your feet, then put on a pair of socks before bed.

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Download the airline app

Want to check in at the airport and have an easier flight? Be sure to download the airline’s app.

The Emirates app, for example, allows customers to book and change flights, download digital boarding passes, plan meals in advance, book chauffeur services and even pre-select, boarding Plan for movies to watch on the flight.

The same is true for many other airlines, some even including in-flight entertainment options on the app.

Drop off your luggage the night before

Airports are quite crowded these days and queuing at check-in and security areas can be lengthy. That’s why you should drop off your luggage the night before you travel to save time.

From making sure you have everything in place during a last-minute hotel search to unexpected traffic on the way to the airport, figuring out how much time is needed before a plane takes off can be confusing. turmoil and stress.

If you’re flying Emirates out of Dubai, you can check in and drop off your baggage 24 hours before departure. This service is also available on some other airlines for passengers with early morning flights. Check with your airline for baggage drop-off times before arriving at the airport.

Mark your luggage

Finally, don’t forget to pick up your luggage.

Make your luggage easily identifiable. After a long flight, the thing you don’t want most is to leave your suitcase in the baggage claim area or… leave with the wrong item.

If your luggage has a common color that’s hard to identify, such as black or brown, make it easier for yourself by attaching a special bag tag or tying a colorful ribbon to the handle before signing. to send.


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