Why are windbreakers so expensive? – The history of “windbreaker”

In the fashion world, the clothing genres are quite diverse. We have divided clothing according to seasons, events and different activities. The fashion world is very colorful in terms of designs and colors for each type of clothing. One of the clothing styles that have a wide variety of products to mention is the jacket. In coats, we have sweaters, windbreakers, sweaters, … And today, EACHSHOES will help you better understand what is quite popular as “windbreaker” or also known as windbreaker.

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Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker

What does windbreaker mean?

According to encyclopedia.com, windbreaker – windbreaker in English is also called anorak or windcheater. The windbreaker is designed exclusively for the upper body to prevent the wind. The windbreaker is usually short and a bit like a hoodie with a close-fitting collar, long sleeves with tight cuffs and is used by both men and women for a variety of occasions.

The history of “windbreaker” – When Where Who  invented windbreakers?

Windbreakers were popularly used in the 70s as casual outerwear was not popular among the elite. But taking a closer look at history, the windbreaker seems to have been made 500 years ago. The windbreaker at that time was quite similar to the jacket worn by the Eskimos in the Arctic weather conditions.

Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker

The Eskimo shirt called a parka is made up of the skin of seals or reindeer. The smooth skin faces out and the bristles face inward to keep the air warm.

Can you wear windbreakers in the rain?

Although not used in rainy weather, but Is a windbreaker water resistant? Yes, the shirt is water resistant. This windbreaker was received and learned by Westerners in the nineteenth century. And gradually improved into sportswear in the winter and then become a casual clothing used every day.

Is windbreaker good for winter?

After being used in outdoor sports in winter, windbreakers become more popular as other materials are discovered. Typically, nylon and man-made fibers are used to create thin, light, yet functional windbreakers.

When did windbreakers became popular?

The popularity of windbreakers dates back to the 70s when sports fashion became more and more popular. The sports-loving fans cheering at the stadium want to be fashionable but still keep them away from the cold winds. Therefore, the designers have created many fashionable and diverse windbreaker models. And gradually, windbreakers become more prosperous in the community with many functions and designs.

Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker

What are windbreakers made of?

Current windbreakers are made of materials such as nylon, poly-cotton, or a mix of nylon and cotton. These fabrics will usually be treated to waterproof with rubberized or oil. Windbreakers are designed for longer and more pockets and are more fashionable in color and style. Stylized designs with zipper, drawstring or buttons come with detachable hats.

How do you style a windbreaker?

If you want to immerse yourself in the street fashion style, windbreaker will partly help you integrate that wave more easily. Windbreakers can be combined with many different outfits. Not necessarily packed with exercise equipment. A pair of stand-up pants with godfather shoes or flared pants and boots can still be worn with a windbreaker.

Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
Kaia Gerber combines jeans, sneakers and a windbreaker
Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
Gigi Hadid combines windbreakers with scarfs, flared pants and boots

Why wear windbreaker – Why are windbreakers so popular?

Most fashion brands are more or less releasing a few windbreaker products. From popular to high-end brands. From everyday fashion brands to sports. The windbreaker has gradually become a must-have item in your closet. Do not know since when, the windbreaker has made the fashion world fall in love. When the famous stars also choose this outfit for many event occasions.

There are many models of windbreakers from different brands from popular to luxury. You can choose for yourself a suitable one for your wallet. Windbreakers are no longer encapsulated for training purposes, so fashionable windbreakers will make you stand out and look like a true fashionista. In order to find the perfect windbreaker for yourself, let’s look at some brands such as Topshop, Forever 21, MSGM, Petit Bateau, …

Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
Jordan Jumpman Air – $ 65
Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
adidas – 90 $
Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
Things you don't know about "windbreaker" - windbreaker
OFF-WHITE – $ 914

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